A Short Life of Suffering

In the course of the annual Canadian seal slaughter, hunters would shoot and repetitively strike tens of thousands of baby harp seals. Also in Canada, they trap and shoot hundreds of black bears directly in their heads at short range and leave them suffering for days. They need the skin of black bears to produce the ceremonial hats worn by Queen Elizabeth II’s Five Guards Regiments.

Fortunately, animal cruelty is not the only way to stay warm and look beautiful. Non-cruelty fabrics and artificial furs are sold everywhere, and organizations like People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) continue to support designers and clothing stores who use and sell only animal-friendly clothes.

The most common harvested animals are minks, foxes, and rabbits, among many others. The fur farming is concentrated in Europe with fifty-eight percent share of mink farms, followed by North America with 10 percent, and the rest are spread around the world in countries like China, Russia, and Argentina. Farmers keep a small percentage of the animals for breeding purposes, and the rest of the animals are imprisoned in filth cages with the bare minimum of survival available to them. The animals are held captive in fear, stress, disease, and other physical and psychological sufferings all for the sake of the fashion industry which makes billions of dollars every year.

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